Plonk Wine Club Member Testimonials

Being a member of the wine club is a blast! I get to try wines from all over the world that are not available locally at terrific prices. I gave my parents a membership for Christmas and they love it! - John Halsell

After seeing the wide selection, the prices, and watching over 20 video reviews of wines that evening I was hooked. I had to at least try it. I must be about 100 bottles into my experience with Plonk and am excited that in today’s world of hollow promises and poor customer service I have found a real gem! I now look forward to trying new wines I would never have found on my own every single month. Thanks Plonk! - Art Hogge

It is Christmas once a month with the Plonk Wine Club. Each month we are surprised with a nice selection of unique wines we never would have tried otherwise. - Chuck Evans

I have been a member of the Plonk wine club since March of 2011. I look forward to my shipment each month, because it allows me to try small boutique wines from around the globe that I otherwise would not be able to enjoy locally. In addition, any wines that I really like I can order in quantity over the phone. - Scott Favreau

Our clients are so thrilled with their Plonk Wine Club gifts. Our most well received client gift ever! - S. Greene

My experience with the Plonk Wine Club has been fantastic! Not knowing much about wine and looking for a good but inexpensive way to introduce myself to all that the world of wine had to offer, I came across the Plonk Wine Club and Etty Lewensztain. Etty's knowledge of wine, combined with her down to earth and approachable style, make the appreciation and enjoyment of wine available to the uninitiated at prices that anyone can afford. - Craig Bilodeau

I just love being a member of the Plonk Wine Club. At the start of each month, I wait with anticipation to see where our journey through wine will take us. Etty selects wines that are not the usual suspects, but instead identifies unique finds from interesting locations around the world. I have been able to try spectacular wines, while gaining a better understanding of wine along the way. With such great values, I have also made several wine purchases as gifts for family and friends. Thanks for being my go to source for everything wine. - Bryan Wunar
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