Wonderful wines. Excellent value.
"I have so enjoyed the selection of lovely, varied, delicious wines! It has made my move to Philadelphia - and its wonderful BYO but without easily-accessible great wine stores culture - much more fun and enjoyable. I will absolutely buy from you all again! Thank you. "
Katherine H.
"So far everything has been fantastic!"
Woody M.
Great first delivery, keep em coming.
"Very good. The French wines especially good. We are very fond of Chilean wines as well. Although California wines are usually very good. Some of the Italians can be very good as well. "
Linda B.
"The delivery was seamless, the wines were exciting discoveries. Would highly recommend!"
Dinah H.
Love my Cabs
"Hi I received my order last week and this Month’s selections look yummy. Haven’t had a chance to open a bottle!"
Nancy M.
Great mix!
"Loved the variety. Not a bad bottle!"
Courtenay M.
environmentally friendly packaging
"Thank you for using environmentally friendly packaging when I requested that! It all arrived with no problem."
Patricia S.
Wonderful Blend
"This is a well balanced red blend that is consistently delicious. Much better than what Prisoner has become. "
Robert C.
First Purchase
"Very positive initial impression. Appreciate the all-inclusive pricing"
My favorite wine so far
"My favorite wine so far"
Sherry S.
Above and beyond
"Terrific. Was given 6 month trial in the club as a present. Adored one of the wines and asked about buying more but the wine was sold out. However, a few more bottles were later located and I was contacted months later regarding if there was any further interest on my part. Now that is a level of customer service not found these days. Thank you Plonk "
jason s.
Awesome Wine-Awesome service
"The service is truly outstanding! Great prices and the order to delivery time is terrific. You will feel like your order actually matters to the seller. The Collidebis a wonderful red blend. Nice big wine with terrific balance. I’ve historically been a Zin drinker and enjoy these red blends as well. "
Robert C.
Always a treat
"The mixed wine club is always a treat each month and this one is no exception. We especially liked the inclusion of the 2 rose bottles - great summer wines!"
Rachel B.
Returning Customer
"Been buying from Plonk for several years. Never received a wine we didn’t enjoy. "
Lisa S.
best wine I have ever had
"Love these wines! I recommend this club to everyone I know!"
Jess F.
Easy and affordable
"Was happy to see how quickly my order shipped and was delivered. "
catherine H.
Great variety
"There was something for everyone. From Rose to a great Pinot and Cab. "
Nancy M.
Loved the reds
"I purchased this as a gift for some wine connoisseurs and they LOVED IT!!!"
Ann H.
Love this wine and the suggested recipe with it!
"Thanks for introducing me to this bottle - and I loved the suggested recipe pairing. Makes a fantastic dinner for myself - or when entertaining, so easy! "
Melissa J.
Mixed Wine Club gift for my children
"I have 4 children. They all live in different states.This was a Christmas gift. Recently we all got together and they updated me and compared notes. All are in their 30's and drink wine. They really enjoy this gift. They raved about it!! They particularly enjoy the variety as typically they only buy wines that they are familiar with. It expands their horizons! They have enjoyed each and every one of the wines thus far. Each month, they look forward to seeing which type of wine arrives and where it is from and also reading about it. We had several bottles on vacation and they were the best from our trip. This was the best gift ever."
Jay D.
Cabernet Wine Club Gift
"Great. Always unique and nice. Loved them all."
Daniel S.
The best wine club ever
"This is literally not only the best wine I've ever had, but the best wine club service I've ever experienced as well! Customer service has been superb! I will be a long time customer and refer every wine lover I know!"
Jess F.
Loved the wines!!
"Loved the wines!!"
Kathleen B.
so far so good
"we had 2 of the 4 bottles so far and both were excellent"
Matthew H.
Love this club!
"Fantastic!!! I recommend PLONK to everyone who loves wine and likes to try something new!"
Mary B.
My Dad Loves the Wine Club!
"Bought an annual membership for my Dad’s birthday. He has loved this gift every month - trying new wines he’s never experienced - and everyone of them great."
Fredrick O.
Love my Cabs!!
"The different variety in Cabs are delightful. California, and European. Awesome 👏 "
Nancy M.
Great variety in the Curated wines
"Loved the variety and prompt delivery. "
Nancy M.
Love the selections
"Overall has been very positive! I think you guys recently stopped sending the description/food pair recommendation cards with the bottles? I miss those, it helps me to learn more about each bottle. Maybe instead of taking it all away from everyone, make it an opt-in option."
Shiyao L.
Raise a Glass
"Fantastic staff to work with at Plonk and a wonderful/fun way to try wines from around the world. I’m really enjoying it!"
Maddie H.