Great customer service, and learned a lot about different types of wine.
"Very impressed with the customer service. "
Ana S.
Great 🍷
"Wonderful! Looking forward to our next shipment! Cheers!"
Samantha L.
Delicious wine!
"The wine is wonderful! I've loved every bottle I've received and their customer service is fantastic. Of all the clubs I've been a part of, this one is the best. "
Melissa B.
Great Choice of Wines!
"I love getting wines I would not normally buy myself. It's nice having someone else do the research and I get to just enjoy delicious wines with great pairing suggestions! Keep up the great work!"
Danelle C.
Good wine
"Of the 4 bottles each month we usually like at least 2 or 3 very much. The other 1 or 2 bottles are so-so or we do not like them. Not all the wines received are organic. We had thought they would all be all organic so that is a disappointment. Overall we are quite happy with the monthly deliveries and like the surprise of what will be next. Trying new wines is fun."
Steven G.
Still my favorite wine club!
"I love this club, the selections- the rare finds and also delicious versions of old favorites! I had to stock up on the recent Malbec- it was so delicious I thought it would make the perfect Thanksgiving wine. I just hope there is enough left over for me!!! Thanks as always love you guys!"
Cristina J.
"I love your wine selections. I look forward to receiving them each month and expanding my palate. Thanks!"
Shawn T.
"wonderful! Liked 99% of the wine and love trying new regions! "
Cristina Z.
All the winds were great.
"We received this as a gift. We had belonged to a few wine clubs in the past that we were not really satisfied with. These wines were exceptional. We loved the descriptions, and the quality of all the reds was superb. We rationed them out for a special occasions. The delivery also was very good, and we were notified well in advance so as to be home. Great club!"
John/Diane F.
Great wine!
"Wonderful. I received 4 bottles (over 2 months) for a gift, and they are fabulous."
Grant D.
"Excellent selection and timely delivery"
Jordan C.
Great Wine
"Should have ordered more bottles! Can't find this in any stores in Houston. Tastes almost like a mix between Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio."
Ellen V.
Love a Good Mystery
"It was so much fun pulling the bottles one at a time, to see what came next. The selections were varied and quit nice."
Keith B.
A fine selection of red wines
"It was sent as a gift and greatly appreciated by the recipient."
Carla S.
This Wine Makes Me REALLY Happy
"Honesty, I almost don't want to publish this review. I don't want people to know how good this wine is. It's really good. I bought a case of it, have probably given too much away, and have since bought another 4 bottles. It is such a great wine. Wonderful flavor and color. I really do get really happy every time I drink it. I am more of a bold and flavorful red wine drinker, and this wine definitely fits my tastes. I love a good red zin and this is a great red zin!"
Adrienne B.
Mystery case revealed!
"Impressed with variety of wine selection. Opened first bottle of red a couple of days ago. A lovely wine! Looking forward to more. Fast turn around on order to delivery. "
dianne w.