Piquette Sampler Pack $130.00 
Piquette Sampler Pack

Piquette! It's what all the young, hip, forward-thinking wine drinkers are crushing on these days. Lightly sparkling, cloudy and very cider-like in style, Piquette is a sort of natural "wine tea" that's made by steeping pomace, which is made up of pressed grape skins and stems, and rehydrating it with water, yielding a crisp, breezy, refreshingly aromatic and low-alcohol quaff. Most Piquettes feature a fine, spritzy prickle due to remaining native yeasts and natural sugars that get released from the dried grape skins during this process.


This very trendy new wine style is actually not new at all. It dates back to the late 1800s in France, where vineyard workers made Piquette as a low alcohol beverage to enjoy during working hours in order to avoid the buzz of higher alcohol wines. Piquette can be made as a white, rosé or light red, depending on which grape varieties are being utilized in the pomace.

Each sampler pack includes 4 different bottles of Piquette.

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