15 Best Wine Subscription Boxes That Make Great Gifts for Friends (Or Yourself)
Jan 21, 2022

There are few gifts better or more classic than a bottle of wine…except, well, severalbottles of wine. Add doorstep delivery, and you've got yourself the present of the year. That's precisely the service offered by the best wine subscription boxes on the market in 2021. Not only is a wine club membership a great opportunity to treat your friends and family members, but it’s also an affordable and fun way to find wines you love, often at discounted prices. And because many of the clubs we've featured here offer brief taste preference questionnaires, you can also be sure that the wines in question will be tailored specifically for you or your recipient's taste. Award-winning wines, bottles hand-picked by sommeliers, and pretty packaging only add to the already obvious appeal.


Oh! And—depending on your taste—you can even choose from wine clubs specializing in red, white, or sparkling varieties. (Mixing and matching is perfectly acceptable as well.) You'll even find some of the best rosé wines available via subscription, if that's more your thing. Finally, several of these fabulous subscriptions offer more than just bottles—they boast full wine tasting experiences complete with recommended food accompaniments, complementary recipes, and detailed tasting notes.


It's clear: A wine subscription really is the gift that keeps on giving—and if you're notplanning on sharing these bottles (hey, we don't blame ya!), you'll be well-stocked with Christmas wines to pair with your holiday dinners. Let the sipping and saving begin!


Plonk Wine Club

$110 per month for 4 bottles


Any wine purists out there? You're going to want to check out Plonk Wine Club. Besides having a fabulously unique name, this club specializes in organic, natural, and biodynamic wines, all produced without the use of pesticides or additives. Plonk's popular mixed wine club includes red wine, white wine, sparkling wines, and rosé.