Best Champagne Delivery Services
Feb 14, 2023

Champagne is a word that connotes elegance, affluence, and celebration—and for good reason. The world’s most esteemed sparkling wine, Champagne (named after the French region in which it’s produced) is a fascinating beverage that has captivated imbibers for generations.  But beyond its role as a go-to for important toasts, many consumers don’t know all that much about what makes Champagne unique, even if they know they love it. That’s where Champagne delivery services come in.


Instead of relegating Champagne to the realm of special occasions, why not welcome this beguiling wine into your life on a regular basis? Champagne delivery services offer various formats in which bubbly lovers can experience the breadth of the Champagne world in their own homes, either à la carte or at specific intervals. So, grab your prettiest flute and wait for the doorbell to ring as we outline the best Champagne delivery services on the market right now.


Best Champagne Delivery Services of 2023


Best Organic: Plonk Wine Club

  • Starting Price: Varies by selection
  • Free Shipping: Yes
  • Products per Delivery: Varies
Why You Should Try It

A club focused on organic and sustainable wines, Plonk is the perfect delivery option for Champagne fans who want to skip the pesticides.


  • A club focused entirely on organic boutique wines

  • Free shipping


  • No bubbly-only club option


Taste alone isn’t the only attribute that matters to today’s Champagne consumer; more and more, fans of tasty bubbly want to know if the wine they’re drinking was made in the most natural way possible, from grapes that were grown organically and sustainably. Thankfully, there’s now an online retailer dedicated to wines that are grown with minimally-interventionist methods, in the most natural way possible. Plonk Wine Club sources all types of organically and sustainably produced wines, including Champagne and other sparklers, and offers them to its discerning members.


Champagne lovers who wish to broaden their wine experience further may want to look into Plonk’s Mixed Wine Club, which ships allotments of sustainably grown wines at regular intervals. Subscribers can select between formats of either four, six, or 12 bottles per shipment. There’s also an option to pay month to month with an ongoing subscription versus choosing a prepaid package of three, six, or 12 shipments. While this club isn’t dedicated exclusively to sparkling wine, Plonk does incorporate it into the mix along with reds, whites, and rosés, so you’re sure to see bottles of bubbly show up in your shipments from time to time.


Pricing and Plans
  • Build Your Own Case: varies by selection
  • Mixed Organic Wine Club: $110 per month