The 15 Best Wine Subscription Boxes For Every Budget And Taste
May 21, 2020

Whether you want fancy vintage bottles or canned rosé, I got you. 

Every time I buy a bottle of wine it goes pretty much like this: I expect to run in and out of the wine store, but instead find myself staring blindly at the long rows of bottles for a good 10 minutes without a clue which to pick. I then realize how much time has passed, grab the bottle with the most intriguing label, and hope for the best.

You too? I've got a solution for you: a wine subscription service.

Thanks to the fact that the delivery wine club trend has blown up in the last few years, there are now services out there that cater to basically every interest (budget-friendly! organic! even low-sugar!).

Whether you usually frequent a local wine shop or stick to Two-Buck Chuck, these services make getting your wine on easier than ever. “You simply pick the wines you like—or have an expert do it for you—and they're delivered to your door," says James Beard award-winning sommelier Natalie MacLean, author of Red, White, and Drunk All Over. "The best services offer a curated experience, complete with tasting notes, pairings tips, and even winemaker videos.”

Which is the right subscription for you, though? It depends on your priorities, MacLean says. A few factors to consider: price, quality, variety, expert guidance, and convenience. You'll also want to make sure you can start, pause, and stop your vino shipments easily.

“Be sure you're not locking yourself into an inflexible program that makes it difficult to cancel or to change the wines you receive," MacLean says. "Other than that, relax and raise a glass to your next delivery."

Whatever you're looking for in your nightly glass of red or brunch-time rosé, one of these popular wine subscription boxes will keep you sipping and satisfied.

Plonk Wine Club

Best for: Organic wines

“Plonk” is a pejorative term for low-quality wine filled with harmful additives, but this top-notch service delivers anything but, says MacLean. This sommelier-created service stands out for its organic and biodynamic wines made without herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, or added sulfites, she adds.

How it works: Select either the mixed, red, or white wine club and either four or 12 bottles (three bottles of four different wines) per monthly shipment. Each box arrives with pairing notes and recipes.

Pricing: At $110 per month for the mixed wine club, this membership is pricier than most. That said, it's worth the price if you’re searching for new, natural wines sourced from around the world, says MacLean. (Plus, shipping is free—and you get a free corkscrew with your first purchase.)