The Best Wine Subscription Boxes for Every Palate
Aug 15, 2021

Savory, fruit-forward, sparkling, oaky—there's a type of wine for every palate and preference. The flavors and textures of the food you're enjoying, as well as the setting, can contribute to your drinking experience. Perhaps you're celebrating the long-awaited summer with endless bottles of rosé. Or maybe you're someone who enjoys trying wines while traveling around the world but are grounded in one place for now. Wouldn't it stave off your wanderlust a little to have an assortment of international wines delivered right to your door? Whether you prefer whites or reds, dry or sweet, there is a wine subscription box out there to suit your exact tastes. Here are eight wine subscriptions that will shower you with all of your favorite pours for months to come.

Best Wine Subscription Boxes for Every Palate:

Best Organic Wine Subscription: Plonk Wine Club

The food and drinks we consume can impact our health, but also impact the environment. For those who value sustainably farmed wine, look no further than Plonk Wine Club. This monthly wine subscription offers three unique clubs for those who prefer wines that are produced with minimal intervention and no pesticides or commercial additives. Between the White Wine Club, the Red Wine Club, and the Mixed Wine Club (with white, red, rosé, and bubbly), there are organic wines for every palate and preference. 

To sign up, choose your wine club, the number of bottles you want in your shipment, and the frequency of deliveries. Each wine subscription offers four, six, or 12 bottles, and deliveries that are monthly, bi-monthly, and every three months (depending on quantity ordered). You can also opt to pre-pay for an entire yearly package or use a standard month-to-month payment option. For maximum flexibility, you can always change which wine club you're in, order à la carte from the Wine Shop, and cancel at any time.

To buy: From $110 per month;