The Best Wine Subscriptions To Bring Bottles Right To Your Door
Feb 06, 2024

Few heartbreaks are as universal as the kind that accompanies running out of wine. It’s one thing, after all, to run out of tomato sauce or paper towels. It is quite another to run out of rosé. With no wine on hand, you can’t clink your way into a celebration, sip your way out of heartbreak or stain your linens a delightful vermilion hue. Luckily, wine subscriptions exist—and they’re just as magical as you might expect (our top pick is Winc, but there are dozens of other fabulous choices available—and we’ve detailed all of their benefits ahead). What could be better than finding a selection of hand-picked wines at your doorstep—except, well, popping the corks on each one and diving in?


Typically, wine-of-the-month clubs are relatively affordable (as compared to the price of a regular shipment of the same bottles), and they can be customized to suit your exact preferences, too. Boutique wineries and other wine subscription purveyors usually offer a choice between red, white and sparkling varieties, but you can also opt for a more diverse collection of sommelier-approved picks. And the best wine subscriptions are much more than just a box of bottles: Many come complete with everything you need for a bona fide wine experience, including exhaustive tasting notes, glass recommendations, food pairings and more. Joining a wine club can also provide a sense of community—you’ll be granted an opportunity to connect with other wine enthusiasts and winemakers around the globe, all the while stocking your cooler with under-the-radar regions and much-buzzed-about varietals.


A word to the wise, though: Be sure to check the fine print regarding potential snags with delivery. Alcohol shipping laws vary by state (believe it or not, certain zip codes have restrictions on specific wines).


Ahead, sort through our top picks, which we’ve ranked according to delivery frequency, budget, wine type(s) offered and overall value. Consider your holiday gifting woes sorted and your weekends upgraded—and prepare to muddy all of those clean linens.


Best Wine Subscription For Biodynamic, Organic And Natural Wines

A Unique, Eco-Conscious Find For Discerning Drinkers


The natural wine trend is here to stay, and Plonk is the easiest way to get in on it. The brand’s employees scour the globe for vineyards that don’t use pesticides or commercial additives of any kind, so it makes sense that most of the wineries highlighted within the subscription are from up-and-coming regions, too. With three clubs to choose from—an all-white, an all-red and a mixed option—there’s also a lot of versatility here. Bottles, four or twelve of them, can be sent monthly, quarterly, semiannually or yearly, and prices start at $110 per month with free shipping.