The Ten Best Wine Subscription Boxes
Aug 05, 2019

It is always time for wine. Which means it's a good idea to pay for regular shipments of wine to your house so you're never without. Yes, a wine subscription box could be in order for your wine consumption needs. Instead of trolling the wine aisles at the grocery store, you'll already have a varietal (or three, or 10) waiting for you at home. And instead of randomly picking out the most attractive bottle at the specialty wine shop—in fact, you are a sucker for cool, graphically designed labels that reveal virtually zero information about the liquid contained inside, even more so if they're on sale—you can rely on someone who knows this shit far better than you to send the good stuff. And if you're a regular wine drinker, you'll probably save some money, since wine bundled in boxes generally costs less than buying bottles piecemeal.

So take a minute to find a wine subscription box that'll faithfully send you what you want to drink, be it red, white, bubbly, or weird. Whether you're looking to stock your own collection or give a gift to an even more enthusiastic wine drinker than yourself, these are the best wine subscription boxes to check out. 


$90 per shipment

Firstleaf loves data. A lot. The second you sign up, you'll take a quiz to pinpoint your wine tastes. It'll use its algorithm and data pulled from thousands of customers to supply you with your own curated wine box of six bottles. You'll try 'em, rate 'em, and then get bottles even better suited to your palate in your second box. Your third shipment will be even more informed. And so on and so forth.

International Wine of the Month Club

From $39.95 per month

The International Wine of the Month Club means business. It'll only send you the good stuff, grown and bottled in far-off countries like France and Italy and Argentina, along with extensive tasting notes and winemaker profiles. And you have a selection memberships within the club to choose from, like a "Bold Reds" club for those who don't care for white and a "Collectors Series" for wine enthusiasts who  covet rarer, pricier vintages.


From $199 per quarter

Champagne is wine, although we hardly consider it for casual sipping. But it's complex and varied, as you'll learn with a Fatcork subscription, which deals exclusively in bubbly wine from France's Champagne region. You'll learn how to enjoy its intricacies through curated boxes brought together by a singular theme. And you'll soon realize it deserves to be drunk on all days, at all hours—and not just for celebrations.

Naked Wines

From $40 per month

Naked Wines isn't a subscription box. But you can buy boxes of wine from it, so what's the use in quibbling over the difference? Each month, you pay a flat fee of $40, which is then credited towards your account. Purchase what you will with it—the wine selection is extensive. More importantly, that flat fee ensures that Naked can source wines from up-and-coming, "indie" winemakers who might not otherwise be able to do what they love. You get excellent bottles and the opportunity to call yourself an angel investor.

Nocking Point

From $49 per shipment

Nocking Point (co-founded by actor Stephen Amell) is heavy on the don't-give-a-fuck attitude and celebrity allure. Besides bold wines with label art that'll look undeniably cool on your shelf, it hawks apparel and coffee, and hosts events, making it something of a lifestyle brand. If you choose the quarterly box, every shipment will include three bottles of wine, one bag of ground coffee, and a T-shirt.

From $110 per month

Plonk is all about the boutique experience. Its boxes are full of interesting, small-batch varietals from all over world, with a focus on natural wines made with sustainable practices. If you can't spend hours searching for rare and unsung wineries yourself, Plonk is a carefully curated subscription service worth considering.


From $72 per quarter

Vinebox deals in wine by the glass, not wine by the bottle. In each shipment, you'll get nine vials, each filled with a different wine and accompanied with educational material. If you like one a lot, you'll get credits toward purchasing a full bottle. For this reason, it's one of the best subscriptions for curious wine drinkers who'd like to keep their options open on their way to becoming full wine snobs.

Vinesse Wines

$96 per month

Vinesse is perfect for wine drinkers who want someone else to make all the tough decisions. Simply tell the team your preferences, and it'll give you a mix of "exotic"varietals and "familiar favorites." It's dependable—you'll get six bottles a month—and if you get one that you really love, you can keep reordering it for future drinking.

Viticole Wine Club

From $105 per month

Before we get into it, be warned: Viticole has a waitlist. But for good reason. The wines it ships are all exclusive to the club. Master Sommelier Brian McClintic works with winemakers to make custom bottlings for club members, which are delivered to you twice a year. All the wine is organic, and McClintic values each bottle around $55. It's not cheap. But it is unique.


From $39 per month

Winc is simple: You take a quiz and it recommends bottles. With your membership, you can pick your own bottles or let it send you what it recommends. The price can change per month, depending on which bottles and how many you want, but you have to at least pay in $39. The bottles themselves are fun and flirty—nothing too fancy, but nothing too expensive, either.