These Are the Best Wine Clubs On the Market Right Now
Apr 18, 2023

What better way to explore the world of wine than with a site specifically designed to help you do just that? If you haven’t considered using a wine club before, then allow this list of the best wine clubs to be your introduction. Not only will these companies save you trips to the liquor store and the time you spend browsing the aisles, but many of them specialize in curating bottles that meet your preferences. 

Whether you are looking to try more wines from South Africa or want a consistent source of organic wine, there is a wine club out there that has exactly what you’re looking for. 

Best Wine Clubs of 2023

  • Best Overall: Winc
  • Best for Gifting: Cellar 503
  • Best for California Wine: The California Wine Club
  • Best for Red Wine: SommSelect
  • Best for White Wine: Firstleaf
  • Best for Champagne: The Sip
  • Best Variety: Picked by
  • Best Organic: Plonk Wine Club
  • Best for Beginners: Stompy


Why You Should Try It:

Organic diets are a great choice for health and sustainability, and Plonk makes it easy to fit wine into your lifestyle. 



Plonk is built with sustainability and consumer health in mind and focuses on sharing its love for organic wine with its customers. Between its red, white, and mixed organic wine clubs, Plonk seeks out the hidden gems of the organic wine world from across the globe and ships them right to your door. 


However, as is the case with many organic products, Plonk’s wine clubs get pretty expensive quickly. A shipment of four bottles will run you $110 a month, and if you max out and go with one of its 12-bottle plans, you will quickly be paying nearly $300.