9 Amazing Online Wine Clubs From Affordable to Exciting
Nov 15, 2016

If you’re thinking of joining a wine club this year, this guide will help you choose the right club that will fit your palate and pocketbook. Over the past few years, the once stuffy and pretentious American wine industry has flipped, welcoming in a new and younger generation of relaxed wine professionals who aren’t afraid to sip juice the color of oranges. The shift in wine culture toward a more casual, consumer-friendly approach has materialized in myraid of styles, from hip new wine bars, to retailers focused on esotoeric, small production wines, to restaurants pushing unorthodox varietals from up and coming regions. Value, novelty, and approachability are the industry’s new watchwords. Where once there was Robert Parker, there is now a proliferation of bloggers. Sites dedicated to “demystifying” wine have sprung up across the internet, and yet, when it comes to buying wine online, we’re still very much in the dark ages.

Plonk Wine Club

This club is on the more adventurous side with their ” let’s explore” approach. You will receive varietals from diverse regions like a  Malbec from France’s Cahors and a Spatburgunder Rosé Trocken (dry Pinot Noir rose) from Pfalz Germany….not something you would find at your local market.

“If you love a wine adventure, then this is the club for you.”