11 Best Wine Gift Ideas For the Wine Buff Who Can’t Get Enough
Nov 26, 2016

Do you have a best friend or family member who is a total wine buff? Do you struggle year after year trying to figure out what to get them during the holidays? If so (or if you’re a wine buff looking to TREAT. YO. SELF.), look no further than our 11 Best Wine Gift Ideas for the Wine Buff Who Can’t Get Enough! The team at wine.net has carefully culled through a wide variety of wine accessories and gift ideas and condensed them into an accessible and affordable list.

As always, we’ve reached out to wine experts and sommeliers via social media, and their recommendations have augmented our own wine knowledge and further strengthened our selection of vino-related delights. We’ve included direct links to websites where you can buy each potential gift, and have also linked to the Twitter pages of the experts who recommended them. This list is sure to relieve some of your holiday-related stress, and you’ll also learn interesting new wine facts that you can share with your favorite wine buff! Happy shopping!

Wine Club Membership

Another outstanding gift for any oenophile is a membership to a high-quality wine club. One exciting wine club is the Plonk Wine Club. “Plonk” is British and Australian slang for wine that is notably inexpensive, and this group totally fits the bill. Members will receive 4 bottles delivered to their doorstep every month, detailed tasting notes and expert recipe pairings with every shipment, and a complimentary issue of Imbibe Magazine (@imbibe). Additionally, you receive a free professional-grade corkscrew with your first shipment, a free bottle of wine when you renew your membership, and up to a 25-percent discount when reordering featured wines. 

The three most popular packages are Mixed, Red, and White, and prices are as follows: one month for $89.99, three months for $269.97, six months for $539.94, and one year for $1,079.88. Current wine selections include Brooks 2014 Pinot Blanc, La Fils des Gras  Moutons 2013 Muscadet, Joaquin Rebolledo 2014 Mencia, Stefano Antonucci 2014 Rosso Piceno, and Meggiolaro Saro 2013 Gambellara. To join, visit www.plonkwineclub.com or @plonkonline on Twitter.