Red Wine Club
Red Wine Club Various bottles of select red wines
Consistently top-rated for quality, value and intriguing selections, this best-selling wine club is designed specifically for enthusiastic red wine drinkers. Ranging from lighter-bodied, aromatic styles like Pinot Noir, Gamay, and Frappato to fuller-bodied, brawny styles like Cabernet, Tannat, and Aglianico, the Red Wine Club will give you access to a seasonal lineup of exceptional, small-batch, naturally grown red wines.
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    Adventurous reds from top domestic and international producers
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    Organic, biodynamic, minimal-intervention winemaking
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    Unique indigenous grapes from untapped wine regions
CASE SIZE: 4 Bottles
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Calling all red wine lovers
We curate, you drink!
Discover a custom-tailored selection of classic and cutting-edge organic and biodynamic red wines across the style spectrum.
A singular experience
Broaden your wine horizons with exotic, unfamiliar grape varieties that will transport you to far-off destinations like Sicily and Slovenia.
Sip, learn and cook!
Each subscription includes a free double-hinge corkscrew, detailed tasting notes, a monthly shipment preview video, and expertly chosen recipes from Food52 to pair with your wines.
Makes the perfect gift
This wine club is curated with both novice and sophisticated red wine lovers in mind.
Critically acclaimed by the media as one of the best wine club gift subscriptions, the Red Wine Club will expand your gift recipient's palate and introduce them to intriguing, lesser-known grape varieties like Nero d'Avola and Mencia as well as top-tier, organic and biodynamic examples of classic wines. Know someone who loves to try new, exciting red wines? Select the gift option above!


Do your wine clubs feature multiple/identical bottles of the same wine in each shipment or do I get 4, 6 or 12 different wine selections in each shipment?
Our 4 and 6 bottle shipments feature 4 or 6 different wine selections, with 1 bottle of each wine included in the shipment. Our 12 bottle shipments feature 2 bottles each of 6 different wine selections.
When I purchase a wine club subscription, do I need to select which wines I want to receive?
No! At Plonk Wine Club, we curate and you drink. We act as your personal sommelier and do all the work selecting your wines for you so that you don’t need to. Once you purchase a wine club subscription, your shipments will automatically arrive on your or your gift recipient’s doorstep in accordance with our monthly shipping schedule.
How long do wine club shipments take to arrive?
Shipments may take between three to ten business days to arrive following the ship date. You will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking information as soon as your wine club shipment goes out.
Can I reroute my package to a new delivery address once it has already been shipped?
Yes! We are happy to change your delivery address once your or your gift recipient's shipment has already been shipped. You will be charged a $20 address change fee to reroute the package to a new address once it is mid-transit. Delivery address changes that are made between shipments are free of charge.
Does my gift recipient need to activate his/her wine club subscription in order to begin receiving shipments?
No! No activation of any kind is required for your gift recipient to begin receiving his/her shipments. Once you purchase a wine club gift subscription, shipments will automatically begin according to our monthly shipping schedule.
How do I update my shipping address, billing address, or credit card information for my wine club subscription?
You can update this information online in your account or you can also contact us for assistance at