Organic, biodynamic, sustainably grown wines delivered to your doorstep

We scour the globe for artisanal, small-production natural wines that are off the beaten path and not available in large commercial outlets. Broaden your wine horizons with exotic, unfamiliar grape varieties that will transport you to far-off destinations like Sicily and Slovenia.

How It Works

Step 1

Pick your wine club

Opt for all reds, all whites, or a rotating selection of reds, whites, rosé and bubbly.

Step 2

Choose your bottle count

Customize your case size with 4, 6 or 12 bottles per shipment.

Step 3

Select your subscription type

Pay month to month with an ongoing subscription or choose a prepaid package of 3, 6 or 12 shipments.

How it work

Grab a glass, pop a cork

Time to discover your new favorites. Your wines will land on your doorstep monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly, along with detailed tasting notes and recipe pairings, and shipping is always free! Cancel, pause or skip shipments anytime.



Low alcohol

No added sugar

Low sulfites


No pesticides, herbicides, coloring agents or commercial additives

Meet Etty, Plonk Founder and Wine Curator
“Getting people to take a leap on something exotic, unfamiliar and delicious has been the driving force behind the club”
Etty Klein
About Etty


The best wine club ever!

“This is literally not only the best wine I've ever had, but the best wine club service I've ever experienced as well! Customer service has been superb! I will be a long time customer and refer every wine lover I know!”

~ Jess F.

The best gift. Period.

“I spent a lot of time looking at wine subscriptions to find one with unique and exciting selections. I landed on Plonk and now several years later I am still renewing it each quarter. I can’t imagine a better fit for a wine lover that wants to discover something new.”

~ Evan O.

Great Selection!

“I can't believe some of the amazing wines in our mystery case. This is our second mystery case from Plonk and they never disappoint. Shipping is lightning fast and the wines are first rate.”

~ Angie B.


“Seriously this wine club is the bomb. Incredibly affordable for what you get, and the wines are stellar. The customer service is even better, with Etty taking the time to answer emails herself. Love it. Highly recommend it.”

~ Robert M.

A Wine Adventure!

“I must be about 100 bottles into my experience with Plonk and am excited that in today’s world of hollow promises and poor customer service I have found a real gem! I now look forward to trying new amazing wines I would have never found on my own every single month. Thanks Plonk!”

~ Arthur H.

Rare Hidden Gems
Ultimate Convenience
A WIne Adventure
Incredible Value
Expert Recipe Pairings
The Plonk Experience
Rare Hidden Gems
Explore an impressive international 
selection of organic, biodynamic, and limited-production wines made by the 
world's absolute best boutique wineries.
The Ultimate Convenience
Shipments delivered right to your home or office every month. No membership fees, 
no hassle.
Incredible Value
Experience unique wines of unprecedented quality that majorly over-deliver on their price.
Expert Recipe Pairings
Detailed tasting notes and inspired recipe pairings delivered with every single shipment.
A Wine Adventure
Taste hand-crafted artisan wines made from exotic indigenous grapes that hail from the most intriguing wine regions across the globe.
Your Personal Sommelier
We taste through hundreds of wines and curate only the absolute best selections that deserve your attention.
Our Curation Process
Search for the best
We scour the globe for artisanal, small-production, boutique wines that are off the beaten path and not available in large commercial outlets.
We select adventurous wines from lesser known wine regions such as Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, and Hungary. We hone in on wines that are made of indigenous grape varieties that are native to their specific place of origin.
All Natural Wines
We curate natural wines that are grown using organic, biodynamic and sustainable vineyard practices.
That means no pesticides, herbicides or commercial additives such as colorants, acidifiers, artificial sugars, alcohol enhancements, or industrial chemicals of any kind. This also includes wines that contain minimal or no added sulfites.
Hundreds of Tastings
Our wine selection process is modeled after the sushi bar concept of serving up what’s fresh in a “Trust Me” style.
We taste through hundreds of wines and only select real, authentic wines made by passionate farmers, not by industrial manufacturers or boardroom executives from large wine industry conglomerates.


What makes our sustainably grown clean wine different?
The natural wines we feature are lower in alcohol than conventional wines and have no added sugar, pesticides, herbicides, coloring agents or commercial additives. They also have low sulfites or no added sulfites.
What makes wine organic?
Certified organic wine means that the wine is made with organically grown grapes, excluding the use of any commercial additives like pesticides and herbicides. Depending on the country of origin, organic certification also dictates the permissible amount of sulfites in the wine.
What is biodynamic wine?
An international organization called Demeter certifies that wines are biodynamic, meaning the winery focuses on maintaining soil health as well as the interrelationship between the soil, plants and animals on a farm. The grapes do not necessarily take precedence over the other components of the farm. Biodynamic certified vineyards also employ practices like using natural mineral preparations and burying manure-filled cow horns in the vineyards.